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Volunteer Families

While our new incoming students participate in the New V.O.L. Experience, as family members you’re initiating a transition to the Volunteer community as well. You will receive important information and updates regarding your student’s first semester at UT. We want you to learn more about the resources, opportunities, and people here to support your student, and join us in encouraging your student to take advantage of all UT has to offer.

Family Pre-Orientation

We are thrilled to provide all families access to our dynamic and informative Online Pre-Orientation platform as part of the New V.O.L. Experience fee. You’ll see exactly what your student sees when they complete the Pre-Orientation. You can complete as much or as little as you’d like. We know you’ll find the topics insightful, and it’s our hope you’ll take some time to chat about what was learned with your student leading up to their first days on campus.

Completion of this experience is required by your student, and we ask for your support in reinforcing that message. This Pre-Orientation is a key component of your student’s transition, and our goal is to ensure all new students receive what is needed to be successful.

The Pre-Orientation will be made available starting early December to those students admitted for the Spring 2021 semester and have successfully registered for the New V.O.L. Experience. We’ll be sending an email to those individuals listed on your student’s New V.O.L. Experience registration form with additional instructions on how to access the Pre-Orientation. If you’d like to add or updates is information, please contact New Student Orientation at

Frequently Asked Questions:

To support the well-being of students and families, there will not be a family and guest orientation program for Spring 2021 semester.

Any opportunities made available to our new families and guests will be shared as part of the $240 New V.O.L. Experience fee all students are required to submit.

At UT Knoxville, we appreciate the value of familial involvement in their students’ educations. We encourage families to be involved and to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. During the Virtual Advising session, however, we ask that students be left to hold their advising appointment one-on-one. We ask this for two critical reasons:

Student relationships with their advisors are often the most important academic relationship during their first two years of college. Since we cannot meet in person, it is important that the student and advisor have space to get to know one another.

Having your students share with you what they learned in their advising session helps them reinforce that information and provides a chance to identify additional questions. It will also help you begin the process of having productive conversations with your students about their academic experiences.

As much as we appreciate our Volunteer family member’s energy and enthusiasm, Big Orange Welcome is specifically designed for students only.