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It’s time to register for the New V.O.L. Experience (NVE). Registration for the NVE is required for all new incoming students. You cannot register for the NVE until you confirm your enrollment with the Office of Admissions, so start there first if you have not done so already.

NOTE: This is the only time you’ll have to register for the New V.O.L. Experience. This registration and fee cover ALL phases.

Please fill out all questions on the registration form. Additional information will be pulled directly from your admissions application. If any of your information needs to be updated, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions immediately (

Your NVE registration will be confirmed when you pay the $240 NVE fee. This fee is nonrefundable and is funneled directly into your experience throughout each phase of the NVE.

How to register:

  • Click on the “REGISTER NOW” button below
  • Log in using the same email and password you used when you applied for admission
  • Fill out the registration form—including payment information
  • Submit the form
  • You will receive a confirmation email shortly after with next steps information

If you have any issues with registration, please contact New Student Orientation directly at or 865-974-4546.


Registration will open in mid-March!

All confirmed students will be contacted via email and phone once registration is open. If you would like to contact us directly, please email at or call us at (865) 974-4546.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re unable to pay the $240 fee at this time, you should still register for your New V.O.L. Experience. Please contact New Student Orientation directly at to receive instructions on deferring the fee to your first semester bill.

If you officially deferred your admission from the previous semester, you will still be required to register for the New V.O.L. Experience. You will NOT, however, be asked to pay the NVE fee.

If you deferred but are being asked to submit payment, please contact New Student Orientation right away.

Email with updates. We recommend sending those updates as soon as possible. This will ensure your advisor has the most up-to-date information.

Select the “I need to change my major” option on your NVE registration form. Once you submit the form, you’ll automatically receive an email with instructions to request a major change.

You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your registration with additional details and information to help prepare you for your Virtual Advising appointment. It’s important you check your email (both personal and VolMail) frequently to stay updated on each phase of your NVE.

The NVE fee is nonrefundable. However, if you choose to attend UT for an upcoming semester, you will not be asked to pay again.

This fee allows us to provide all students a customized orientation experience. All three phases of the NVE give new students the opportunity to engage with our campus, faculty, and staff leading up to the start of their first semester and beyond. You can find additional details regarding each phase on our website.